How to go from zero to 1,000+ pinterest viewers overnight

My husband and I are in a competition of sorts.  Within a month of eachother, we both started blogs, both with the goal to monetize and create sources of semi-passive income.  When it came to pinterest, I did enough research that I knew the basics.  I started a business profile right away, separate from my personal account (I would not…

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Financial Wellness in 5 Steps

Steps for financial freedom

Life is unpredictable, but your finances shouldn’t be. You can create financial wellness by following these 5 steps! 1. Save, save, save Saving money should be your top priority!  Why?  Because saving is how you pay for big purchases.  Saving is how you make investments.  Saving is how you buy a car and a house.  Saving is how you retire! …

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How to save money with a membership

Is a membership cost effective?

  We live in the Dallas area.  Our family loves having tons of big-city things to do, but I hate spending the big city prices!  Lots of things here – the zoo, the aquarium, indoor play structures, and more – have a daily rate and a membership option.  So is a museum membership cheaper than buying one-day tickets? I’m excited…

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How to amortize your expenses (and why you need to)

Amortizing personal costs prepares you for these large expenses by having cash on-hand when they come due.  It also keeps your budget realistic.  For a budget to be useful, you need to account for all your expenses, even the ones that aren’t actually due every month.  Amortizing is also the way to incorporate surprise costs into your budget! The goal of a…

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