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How to go from zero to 1,000+ pinterest viewers overnight

My husband and I are in a competition of sorts.  Within a month of eachother, we both started blogs, both with the goal to monetize and create sources of semi-passive income.  When it came to pinterest, I did enough research that I knew the basics.  I started a business profile right away, separate from my personal account (I would not recommend doing that!).  I started with zero followers and zero viewers.

Over the course of a month, I built up my account to about 50 followers with 11,000 monthly pinterest viewers!  I still had a long way to go, but I was super happy with my progress.  Right now, after about two months, I’m up to almost 70,000 monthly viewers!

Growing your number of pinterest viewers all comes down to having good pinning strategies, and I’m going to tell you the basics I used to grow our two business accounts into major social media platforms in just one month.

The Challenge

About the time I started seeing dramatic growth on my pinterest account, I started working on my husband’s pinterest account.  We had very different startup strategies, but we both knew that his blog could hit a target audience of both men and women on pinterest.  When it came time to set up his business pinterest account, I was smart.

I converted my husbands personal account to a business account, instead of starting from scratch like I had done for my own account.  This way, he started with about 50 followers.  However, he had never actually used this account.  He set it up years ago and then never touched it!  How he got those 50 followers is a mystery to both of us!  Still, having a small base of followers certainly helped get his viewership off the ground.

Here was the challenge: turn a tiny account with zero monthly impressions into a platform for blog traffic.  I had to start drumming up a following for his account so that, when his blog launched, he would have at least one platform ready and waiting to drive traffic to his blog.  My husband’s blog is tool fundamentals, so I’ll refer to his account as the tools account to avoid confusion with my own pinterest account.  The goal was to grow the number of pinterest viewers as fast as possible.

After just one day of using the strategies I had learned, he had 1,000+ pinterest viewers!  Obviously, the goal is to get WAY more than 1,000, but we were both thrilled to see the instant success.  It showed me that the strategies I was using were effective, and it also taught us some lessons about the content we should be creating for his account.

Here are what his numbers looked like that first day –

Pinterest numbers up 500%

You can see that not all the numbers are awesome.  Keep in mind that we were starting from zero, so a huge jump like that on the number of impressions and daily viewers was just the start of some major account growth!

Long-term success

I’d like to show you what the tools account looked like just a few weeks later….

Pinterest growth
Tool Fundamentals Pinterest Growth

Again, we are psyched about those numbers!  To show you that these methods have proven success, here is a snippet of what my pinterest account growth looked liked last month (I left off the activity stats because I had issues claiming my site – all resolved now!).

Increase your pinterest viewers
Family Finances pinterest growth

This was an account that started as a brand-new account at zero viewers in February, so seeing it get all the way up to 13k pinterest viewers was so gratifying!  Now I’m hitting 65,000 pinterest viewers and still climbing.

Strategies for Success

How do you get your number of pinterest viewers up overnight?  Here are the strategies I used.

  • Follow other pinners in your niche

In the days leading up to our overnight success, I had been building the tools account by tracking down other tool/engeneering/male pinners and following their accounts.  Many of these accounts followed right back, which helped increase our audience.

In addition to creating a network of fellow pinners, following other pinners in the same niche also helps provide you with quality content to pin from proven sources.  These guys know what they are doing, so their pins are rich and viewer-friendly.  That is the kind of content you need to be pinning to increase your pinterest viewers!

  • Join group boards

The tools account is on a few group boards, but this tip mostly comes from my success with my own account.  Especially when you are pinning manually, it is important to have a broader audience beyond your own followers!  A great way to do this is by pinning to group boards.  Being on group boards gets your content out to new viewers who may not have seen your stuff before!  Group boards are a must for long-term growth of pinterest viewers.

I also created my own group board to help grow my network of bloggers in my niche!  I started out by inviting a few reputable pinners.  It was surprising to me that even some of the big-time bloggers with a huge pinterest following joined my board!  Now I get requests and focus more on managing the board.  I love having a board that gets high-quality pins from a variety of bloggers in my niche!

If you’re a finance of frugal living blogger, I’d love to have you on my money tips group board!  Visit the board here to learn how to join.

  • Have a variety of boards

Obviously, you want keep your content relevant to your niche.  You can have ten boards about different aspects of healthy living, and that is great!  But your audience is always going to be the same group of people.  One of the goals of our tools account is to market to both men and women in the DIY niche.  In order to do this, we have a variety of boards that are all related to our topic.  It’s important to bring in boards that tie in other content and non-traditional viewers as well.

For example, my account is about finance and frugal living.  I created a cheap or free activities board, where I pin cheap activities for families to do together.  This board has tons of followers who don’t follow my main account.  This gives me an audience beyond the regular finance crowd!  Now I have an in with moms who are looking for ways to entertain their kids on the cheap.  These moms are people I can add to my target audience – they are the kind of people who might be interested in a post about saving for your kids’ college or how to cut down your utility bills.

  • Pin consistently

We had this awesome traffic spike on a Saturday.  Different niche’s have different times of day that are better for pinning, but almost everyone gets better traffic on the weekends.  My policy is to try and pin in the evening, and to aim for 20% my own content and 80% others.  For the tools account, we have no live content, so we were only pinning other peoples content.  On my own account, I hop on and pin a little bit in the early afternoon, then I do a ton of pinning in the evenings after my kids go to bed.

On the tools account, I had pinned in the early afternoon and then in the evening of that Saturday.  We always take Sundays off.  Our big spike showed up when I logged in on Monday.  I was really excited to see the spike, and not surprised at all to see that it was followed by a steep downhill trend.  We hadn’t been active at all on Sunday.  I knew this would affect our account, but I was surprised how steeply traffic fell off!

I won’t be changing my Sunday’s off policy, but now I am better about integrating a pinning schedule on the other days of the week.  Right now, I pin everything manually.  Eventually, I want to switch over to a management service like tailwind.  Pinning regularly and at peak times makes a huge difference in your overall pinterest traffic!

Lessons we Learned

One HUGE mistake I made was putting up board covers on the tools account.  Let me explain why!  Board covers are a great way to make your pinterest account look more uniform and clean.  I had just added them to my pinterest account and really liked how they enhanced my branding!  It seemed smart and put covers on the tools account as well.

I figured the following on the tools account was low enough it wouldn’t matter what content I stuck on the pins, so all of them just link back to  I also used square pins, which most big bloggers claim get less interaction in the live feeds anyway.  This did not turn out to be true for us!  Either way, I thought I was creating board covers, not generating pins.

However, when I hopped on to check the stats on the tools account the Monday after our spike, not only did I see that the viewers had shot up (yay!) but I also saw that the pins generating the most views were ….. the board cover pins!  This was awesome, because it meant a few things –

  1. There was an audience for the type of content the tools account was generating and pinning
  2. The pins we used were good enough quality to attract viewers in large numbers
  3. Square pins are not as evil as everyone thinks

It was great to learn these things, but we hadn’t actually linked the pins to good content!  That means all the views were wasted!  The site isn’t even technically live yet, so anyone who did click over to the link saw an ugly mess under construction.  Talk about damaging the brand!

Here’s what you can learn from this:

  • Use board covers, but ONLY with quality content to back them up

Putting board covers on your profile cleans it up and they look great, but don’t bother pinning them unless you have a great, RELEVANT article for the pin to link to!  You don’t want to grow your pinterest viewers, only to end up wasting all those first impressions like we did!

  • Square pins aren’t as terrible as everyone says

There is a huge possibility that this is unique to the tools niche – the tools account has primarily male viewers.  Dudes are just less likely to care about how aesthetic your pins are.  Either way, if you choose to use square pins for your board covers, it isn’t the end of the world or your pinterest account.


Whether you are growing your personal account turned business account or starting a brand new pinterest page, you can use these strategies to increase your pinterest viewers!  Keep in mind that growing your presence on pinterest is a long-term game.  You will see big growth and big drops, but don’t worry!  Even when the pinterest algorithm changes, as it is is known to do, you can adapt your strategies to keep your growth up.  The greatest key to success on pinterest is using your analytics to see whats working.  As long as you are keeping pace with that, you can figure it out!



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2 thoughts on “How to go from zero to 1,000+ pinterest viewers overnight

  1. How do you make money using Pinterest if you don’t have a website selling information or services?? If all your content on your husbands boards are from someone else, why don’t the people who see your board just go to the people’s boards who have the information?


    1. Hi Deb! Right now our goal is not necessarily to make money from pinterest. Over time, we hope to grow our audience so that we can market our own products or affiliate products we like. Both of our websites are less than three months old, so we feel that it’s important to get comfortable blogging and grow our audience before we focus all our efforts on monetizing. However, whenever we can, we do use affiliate links for recommended products or services and we have made a few dollars that way already.

      As for my husbands board – yes, people will go back to the original boards, but hopefully they will also recognize that his account is a great resource for DIY, home maintenance, tool information, and so forth. Even if he isn’t generating his own content, establishing the profile as an authority in the DIY/handyman/home renovation niche helps build credibility. When he does start marketing his own content, his followers will already trust that he knows what he’s talking about.

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