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Blog budget: free download!

Income tracking page - free bloggers budget download

I recently wrote a guest post about 5 financial mistakes bloggers make.  In order to help you avoid the #1 financial mistake most bloggers make, today I’m providing a free blog budget download to help you track your blogging expenses and income!

You can read more about budgeting basics here.  If you need a personal budget, check out my free excel budget download!

Why track income and expenses?

There are so many important reasons to track your blogging income!  Here are just a few reasons why you should start a blog budget today.

1. Track the value of your blog

It’s so great to blog for fun, but if you’re blogging to cut a profit, you need to know what the bottom line is.  Tracking income and expenses helps you see if you are actually making money on your blog.  I see so many new bloggers shelling out for the latest blogging course, new social media boosters, or virtual assistants before they even earn their first penny.  It’s true you need to spend money to make money, but it just doesn’t make sense to blow $500 on a blog that isn’t earning anything.

2. Prepare for taxes

Most bloggers don’t make enough to pay taxes, but if you’re making over $1,000 a year, you might have to!  Keeping track of expenses gives you a resource for putting deductions on your taxes (business expenses are deductible!).  Tracking income is super important to know how much you are going to need to pay!

3. Save or invest

If you are starting to make enough to cover your expenses, it’s time to decide what to do with the extra.  A business-minded blogger knows that you need to invest in your blog to help it grow.  It’s also important to save some of what your earning for taxes or for slow months where your earnings aren’t enough to cover your expenses.

By the way, if you are saving money or setting some aside for taxes, I highly recommend putting it in a high-yield savings account!

How to use the spreadsheet

Are you convinced?  If you’re ready to start your blog budget, download your free blog excel budget here!

Remember that it’s an Excel file, so if you don’t have Microsoft Excel, it will not work for you.  Leave me a comment if you are interested in a google sheets version!

Before you dive in to your budget, consider looking over my example blog budget download and check out the budget overview below!

Tab 1: Overview

This page is your budget overview.

Overview page - free bloggers budget download

The only thing you needed to edit on this page are the expenses!  In the Expenses area, you can track the date and amount of your expenses.  They are automatically totaled for you!

If you notice your expense list is getting a little long, try using this quick trick to make your spreadsheet easier to read.

Overview page - free bloggers budget download

On the right-hand side is the total box.  This is populated automatically from data you enter in other places of the spreadsheet.  You should not edit these numbers!  The Total is the difference between your income and expenses.

Negative totals are shown in parenthesis.  In this example, the total expenses are greater than the income, so the total is negative $233.76.

Overview page - free bloggers budget download

Tab 2: Income Tracking

The next (and final) tab on the worksheet is the Income Tracking tab.  This tab has everything set to help you track your income – the date, source, amount, and any notes.

Income tracking page - free bloggers budget download

You can track your income in the income tracking box.

I suggest tracking any form of increase you earn from your blog, even the ones that are not strictly monetary.  For example, earning rewards or credit is something that would count as a non-monetary earning.

Income tracking page - free bloggers budget download

On the right-hand side is the total income and recommended tax savings.  Those dollar amounts are calculated automatically.  You can edit and change the tax savings percentage, and the recommended tax withholding  will update automatically.

Income tracking page - free bloggers budget download

Final Thoughts

As your blog grows, this simple spreadsheet can save so much headache!  Having a blog budget is a great way to see the true value of your blog.  Keeping your spending to earning ratio in check will help you create a blog that works for you.

3 reasons to have a blog budget

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6 thoughts on “Blog budget: free download!

  1. I would love a google version of this. I have a version I made for myself on google docs, and I might borrow a bit from yours 😂😀. Even though I have no profits to track as yet, at least I am keeping track of my expenses from the beginning!

    1. It is so smart that you are tracking what you are spending! I think new bloggers can fall in the pit of spending like crazy without realizing it, so having it all in one place helps keep you grounded.

  2. I’ll be honest. I haven’t even thought about paying taxes as my blog is only about 3 weeks old and I haven’t made a penny. But I’m sure it will come. Thanks for this!

    1. Until your earning money, Taxes isn’t something you need to worry about at all! Once you start making consistent sales, then you’ll want to look into your tax rates and so forth.

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