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Follow these personal finance blogs to become a money mastermind

My Favorite Finance Bloggers

Managing your finances can be overwhelming.  I love reading what other people are writing about finances because it keeps me excited and motivated!  I spend the last week collecting new side hustle ideas from some of my favorite sites, and thought I should share some of my favorite finance blogs.

Frugal lifestyle

1. The Busy Budgeter by Rosemarie has tons of tips and tricks for saving!  She’s also a blogging pro, so if you’re looking to make money on the side,

2. Irena at Don’t Pay Full is another incredible resource for savings of every kind!  She has a great article about saving money in small ways every week that is super helpful for anyone starting their frugal journey.

3. I love Lisa’s blog, Mad Money Monster.  I first read her post about how they had made tons of money mistakes early in life, but she has totally turned it around.  Her writing is both encouraging and easy to relate to!

4. The Frugalwoods are a super-frugal family of homesteaders.  Liz redefines financial minimalism, and I really enjoy reading about their homestead adventures!

Best Money Tips

5. The Penny Hoarder is one of my favorite go-to sites.  They have articles on everything, from freebies to finance hacks!  If you are looking ways to be money-savvy in all aspects of your life, check them out!

6. One of my all-time favorite finance whiz-guys is Mr. Money Mustache.  If you’ve been reading finance blogs for even five seconds, you’ve probably heard of this guy, and with good reason.  MMM is a tried and true source for awesome money advice and realistic views on finances.

7. Nerdwallet is my go-to source for great rewards cards, high-interest accounts, and online investments.  They always have great tips and tons of info on the best rates available right now.

Diversifying Income

8. If you’re serious about personal finances, you know that you can’t get rich on frugality.  The key to achieving financial freedom is passive income.  My husband and I both love Smart Passive Income.  It’s what inspired us both to finally do something about all of our crazy business ideas!  We also got tons of new ideas that we are looking forward to try.  Pat really helped me see myself as an entrepreneur, even though I don’t consider myself business-savvy at all!

9. Jen is realistic and relateable.  At Saving with Spunk, she has tons of ideas for earning on the side.  Best of all, she has so many great tips for people who don’t do well with budgets!

10. Millennial Money has some of the most unique (and still totally achievable) side-hustle ideas I have ever seen.  Grant embodies the Millennial money movement, and if you are a millennial, you don’t want to miss his blog!

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Stay inspired

Reading how others are succeeding gives me new ideas for my own finances.  Most importantly, it keeps me inspired.

We are still at the beginning of our debt-payoff journey, and it gives me hope to see that others have pushed through and grown to a point where they are financially independent!  Debt payoff can be crushing, but keeping you’re eye on the big picture is critical.

Any other great finance blogs you love to read?  Share them with me in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “Follow these personal finance blogs to become a money mastermind

  1. There are some great blogs on your list. I find so much motivation from reading blogs that I wonder where I would be in my financial life without the constant inspiration of personal finance blogs and podcasts. It is like taking college level finance courses for free.

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