Our Christmas budget strategy for saving

How to save during the holidays

Typically, our whole Christmas budget is around $500.  This year, our budget is a little smaller.  We weren’t able to make regular contributions to our holiday gift fund due to job instability and our house fire in the spring.  Our entire Christmas budget this year is about $300 .  That doesn’t seem like much, but we’re starting early and we…

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Financial Wellness in 5 Steps

Steps for financial freedom

Life is unpredictable, but your finances shouldn’t be. You can create financial wellness by following these 5 steps! 1. Save, save, save Saving money should be your top priority!  Why?  Because saving is how you pay for big purchases.  Saving is how you make investments.  Saving is how you buy a car and a house.  Saving is how you retire! …

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How to save money with a membership

Is a membership cost effective?

  We live in the Dallas area.  Our family loves having tons of big-city things to do, but I hate spending the big city prices!  Lots of things here – the zoo, the aquarium, indoor play structures, and more – have a daily rate and a membership option.  So is a museum membership cheaper than buying one-day tickets? I’m excited…

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Why and how to use a high-interest savings account

High-yield savings hacks

  In my student loan hack and swagbucks savings articles, I talk about using a high-interest savings account.  These methods are both about taking advantage of higher returns on money that you need to keep easily accessible.  Using a high-interest savings account is key to making your money work for you!  This article will cover the basics of why you…

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Excel Budget: Free Download!

After showing you how I budget a few weeks ago, I decided to make my customized budget available to all of my wonderful readers!  You can download this free excel budget below, and read on to find out how the spreadsheet works. Download your free yearly excel budget here! Once you download it, navigate to the practice sheet and fill in your…

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5 Budgets for Every Style

Hello! I know it’s been radio silence over here for the last few weeks.  We had a house fire and so we’ve been in survival mode.  We still have lots of recovery to do, so in the mean time, here are some great budgeting methods to check out.  If you are trying to figure out how to budget, or have…

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How I Budget

This is a sample of what my personal budget spreadsheet looks like.  I’m sharing it with you today to show you how to budget in excel!  Disclaimer: This is not our actual budget, but it is a duplicate of the spreadsheet that I use for our budget.  I’ve been using excel to budget since I first went away to college.  I…

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Finance 101: What is a Budget?

Don’t freak out! Some people are terrified of budgets, others loathe them, but when it come down to it, the secret to financial success is budgeting! Budgeting does not have to be stressful. A well-designed budget will give you more financial freedom, not less.  Today lets talk about a beginner finance question – what is a budget and how do…

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